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In my career as a sales and marketing professional I have tackled a wide variety of challenges. This has made me very flexible – and able to step in on short notice to take on assignments big or small and deliver in full, on time. I am used to working in an international business environment and feel comfortable in the encounter with other languages and cultures. When you hire me you can expect engagement and a commitment to results.


I am available for temporary positions or urgent assignments. When your senior staff is short or the chair of a key person stands empty, that’s where I come in. Here is a quick overview of the competence areas where I am the most experienced and where I can make the greatest difference for your company. 


You will also be able to take advantage of my network of designers, agencies, journalists and event companies when the need arises for extra resources.


The dynamics of brands never cease to fascinate me. I can manage and coordinate your branding project, in its entirety or its discrete process phases – strategy, positioning, messages, graphical guidelines, brand platform and the tools and channels for successful implementation. 


Any event or exhibition is a potential logistics nightmare. This is where experience is invaluable. I have run all types of events, big and small, local and global, public and exclusive. This means objectives, planning and budgeting. Invitations, travel and accommodation. Venue arrangements, programme, activities, keynote speakers and catering. Production and delivery of printed matter and equipment. Coordination on location, follow-up and evaluation. I can also act as a moderator at the event.




I can be the project manager, supervisor or coordinator of your campaign, from A to Z. This includes planning, target audience analysis, agency brief, campaign message, deliverables and channels, contacts with suppliers such as agencies and printers, full internal implementation, plans and execution of follow-ups and corrective action, plus control of project budget and quotes. 

Website updates or creating a new site from scratch – I know how to drive the process, from selection
of web agency, content development and coordination through to internal implementation, communication and quality assurance.
As a project manager I take responsibility for
the budget, any quotations, the time schedule, the communication requirements and the smooth workflow. 

Drawing on my long experience of the packaging industry and my extensive network of packaging designers, printers and converters, I am ready for practically any packaging project. My focus is packaging solutions based on wood fibres, especially aspects that involve function and user-friendliness, branding and visual impact, and sustainability issues.


For eight consecutive years, I ran PIDA, an annual design competition for senior students of packaging design. The competition, which includes seminars, is hosted in Sweden, France and Germany with 12 universities and more than 200 participating students each year.

You run the marketing forward and make things happen. You know what and when we need to discuss during the process and you keep an eye on both the strategic goal and the practicalities. The result
is always a professional delivery. It's easy and fun
to work with you and even if I do not always give as good and clear input as I’d like, you perform anyway. Your attitude to the overall result is not routine or ordinary.

Former Colleague at Korsnäs



More than 20 years of senior management experience in marketing and sales


Years of developing and driving market communication in a global management role


Years in the printing
and pre-press industry working in executive and specialist roles


Years of global event management including
2 years as marketing manager for an exhibition organizer/area 


Years of experience of market research for consumer goods and retail

Experience in the following industries: FMCG and Retail, Forestry/Paper and Paperboard, Graphic industry, Marketing research, Construction, Events, Software and Consultancy View my full CV on LinkedIn


Here is a few examples of work that I have done and that I am proud of. This is however not the place to exhaust the subjects, so if you want to know more about any project, just get in touch. I would be happy to tell you the whole story – or any aspect that you take interest in.  

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